Corporate Pilates

Corporate Pilates

Class Overview

Corporate Pilates - This 6-week Corporate Pilates course is the perfect way to fit exercise into your busy routine. Developed by Chartered Physiotherapist Deborah Fernandes, this course is delivered during lunch time with one goal in mind: helping you tone, stretch and move your body in a safe way. By attending a clinical Pilates class with a Chartered Physiotherapist you will prevent common work-related conditions such as:

Neck and Shoulder pain

Back pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Poor Posture
Lower-limb oedema

Our Corporate Pilates course is a 6-week programme. Each class is 45m duration focused at:

posture exercises
core exercises
stretching exercises
breathing exercises
relaxation exercises
body awareness exercises
Corporate Physiolates
Corporate Pilates

Benefits of our Corporate Physiolates Classes:

Reduce aches and pains
Reduce stress levels
Reduce anxiety levels
Increase productivity
Increase fitness levels
Improve physical and mental well-being

Class Details

12:30 PM
Kylemore Road, Inchicore D12 (above Bright Lights Superstore)

Class Location