Insanity Classes

Insanity Classes

Class Overview

Insanity Classes are about getting fit and doing it fast! It's a total body, cardio-conditioning workout made for groups of people. The classes are easy to follow and challenging at the same time.

You will be challenged. You will change. You will get in the best shape of your life!

The classes are about going beyond your limits in a supportive environment. Everybody in the class wants to go outside of their comfort zone and let go of their excuses.

With these classes you will dig deep, get in shape, and feel amazing!

Benefits of Insanity Classes:

Confidence Adjustable workout for all levels from Beginner to Advanced Community and Accountability Convenience Fun! Results

6-week course 1/week Monday OR Wednesday 7:00 PM - Call 01 2932969 or email

6 week course 2/week Monday AND Wednesday 7:00 PM - Book online

Class Details

Monday, Wednesday
7:00 PM
Kylemore Road, Inchicore D12 (above Bright Lights Superstore)

Class Location