Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates Classes

Class Overview

Postnatal Pilates Classes - This 6-week Postnatal Physiolates course was developed by Deborah Fernandes, MISCP with the purpose of helping new mums regaining muscle tone, flexibility and balance while returning the body safely to its pre-pregnancy figure.

At the Physiofit Studio Postnatal Pilates Classes you will tone your tummy, back, arms, and legs through a sequence of clinical Pilates Exercises.

Special emphasis is given to Pelvic Floor and Core exercises where you will learn how to identify and work safely these important group of muscles.

Physiofit Studio Postnatal Pilates is a 6-week course. Each session is 55 minute duration. Do expect a very dynamic course with a mixture of postnatal educational talks and Postnatal Pilates exercise. Each Physiofit Studio Postnatal Pilates Classes includes:

Core exercises Postural exercises Flexibility exercises Pelvic Floor exercises Breathing Exercises

Class Details

7:30 PM
Kylemore Road, Inchicore D12 (above Bright Lights Superstore)

Class Location