Prenatal Pilates

prenatal pilates

Class Overview

Prenatal Pilates - This 6-week Antenatal Physiolates Programme was developed by Chartered Physiotherapist Deborah Fernandes with one goal in mind: helping expecting mums enjoying their pregnancy to the fullest!

Established in South Dublin, Pregnancy Physiolates has been taught non-stop for ten years with continuous demand. Some mums are still attending Deborah's classes now on their third and forth Pregnancy. Deborah is just happy to see families growing knowing that her services are helping mums-to-be to enjoy their pregnancies to the maximum.

By attending Physiofit Studio Prenatal Pilates, you will lower to a minimum some common pains and complaints that are typical of pregnancy:

Lower back pain Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) Pubic pain Sciatica pain Urinary Incontinence

Just because it's common it doesn't mean you have to put up with it! Deborah will also cover specific Antenatal Physiotherapy themes that are relevant to your pregnancy and will help prepare for your labour. Pelvic floor education is paramount in her Programme so don't expect Deborah to hold back when teaching everything you need to know about this important area of a woman's body. An open-mind is highly recommended! 🙂

Antenatal Pilates Classes Antenatal Pilates Classes

Physiofit Studio Pregnancy Pilates is a 6-week course. Each session is 55 minute duration. Do expect a very dynamic course with a mixture of antenatal educational talks and Pregnancy Pilates exercise. Our Level 1 Pregnancy

Physiolates includes:

Prenatal Pilates exercises Prenatal Pilates topics Breathing exercises Relaxation techniques

We also offer a Level 2 Pregnancy Physiolates for mums who attended our Level 1 and wish to continue to exercise until due date. This is also a 6-week course but only 45-minute Pregnancy Pilates exercise based.

Class Details

Kylemore Road, Inchicore D12 (above Bright Lights Superstore)

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